dank on dank on dank


It was really fun talking with Beth, she’s been following along and following up with a lot of the companies that used to work at Pilotworks and has shown us a lot of support.


@breadfaceblog, 2018

Not going to lie, pretty psyched about this. Dank has been immortalized in the ASMR Instagram world <3

This video was also featured in a Washington Post article about ASMR!


The print headline of this article was even better: "Quit Your Day Job". While preparing for the shoot, it was also stressed to me that I should wear a lot of color, to the point that it made me a little concerned. I actually went out and bought a shirt since the only I have black tank tops and denim. Got us the headline image though!


edible brooklyn, 2018

Edible Brooklyn did a feature on Pilotworks, which is where we make Dank! We got a nice little shout out, alongside some of our other BK foodmaker friends. 


start small think big, 2017

Start Small Think Big is an amazing organization in NYC. They provide free resources for small business owners and startups, including clinics and advice sessions on the financial and legal aspects of business, as well as branding, trademarks, etc. They were a huge help to me and Dank!


for the love of climbing, 2017

This is an edit of an article I originally wrote for Flash Foxy. I met Kathy when I started climbing in 2011 and she's been an important influence on me. This explores the nature of competition, specifically as experienced by women.

For the love of climbing podcast, february 2019

Kathy and I met when we both began climbing in 2011. We talk about things that scare us, how managing fear can help you from getting stuck in life, and how dealing with tough times can help us make the right decisions in our lives. Also, banana bread!


CLIMBING MAGAZINE, November 2018 issue

I was featured in the November 2018 Climbing Magazine issue for an article on classic 5.10 climbs in the Gunks (“Perfect Tens: The Gunks’ Mega Roofs”). This is on the 2nd pitch of Fat City Direct (5.10d). It was a significant climb for me, and I couldn’t have done it without my friends who helped me prepare. Chris Vultaggio did an amazing job capturing the onsight of the 2nd pitch (5.10b)!


CAR2GO, 2017

I was so psyched to be featured in this Car2Go promo; those cars have seriously helped me in some tight spots. We spent a lot of time outside that day, and it was mid-summer, so I got crazy sunburnt. I was with the crew for about 16 hours that day, but I love how the video turned out!



Coming from a design background, one of the best parts about my new career in food was realizing how creative the food industry is. Andrea loves exploring how food relates to other aspects of people's lives; it was really fun talking with her for this feature and podcast.


Brooklyn Boulders community spotlight, 2016

I learned how to climb at Brooklyn Boulders in Gowanus and they've always supported me and my business. So proud of this feature by Grace Yang!



I got to talk to Ryan about taking risks, building relationships, and being real about finances on his YouTube show, Ryan's World. 

Vegnews, 2017

So excited about this. I've read VegNews since I was in high school (my sister used to get it), this felt like a huge validation that we were doing the right thing. So so psyched.


business insider, 2016

This happened 9 months after LLC creation; I couldn't believe anyone even knew about us. This feature was amaizng; it was cool to be written about in the same space as Momofuku, Syndicated, and Strong Rope Brewery


Flash foxy artisan series, 2016

I met Shelma the 2nd or 3rd year after I learned how to climb. I got to see the early days of her women's climbing group, Flash Foxy, and watch it evolve and grow. Shelma has built a huge following over the years and only has bigger things planned going forward. I talked with her a bit about how Dank got started and how climbing initiated that.


Coworker.com, 2018

Find out what I would bring with me if I was stranded on a desert island.