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Dank Banana Bread. Made in Brooklyn.

dank brooklyn

about us

Dank Brooklyn was founded in 2016 in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. At Dank, we love banana bread. A lot. So much that it's the only bread we make. We love what we do, and we will always provide you with the best-tasting and best-quality banana bread possible. And (let's be honest) have a lot of fun doing it.

We wanted to create a product that people love and a work culture that values people and relationships. We give back to our community and empower those around us. We create jobs and have become a positive influence in our new field. We love our people and our community as much as we love making our Dank banana bread :)

Dank Banana Bread is produced at 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11206.




People tell us:

That Dank is the best banana bread they've ever had (we think so too).

Some people tell us they don't even *like* banana bread, but they love Dank

One person even told us that they had to change their route to work, to prevent themselves from buying Dank *every single time* they walk past their neighborhood coffee shop (true story). 

Dank Banana Bread is vegan, all-natural, and Really. Damn. Good.

I normally HATE banana bread. It’s so not my thing, but yours was amazing! I really enjoyed it.
— Owner, Terremoto Coffee




Dank wholesale

We currently wholesale our delicious, vegan, Dank Banana bread to 25 locations around NYC. You can see all of our locations here.

Our banana bread is a filling 4oz individual-sized loaf. Perfect with coffee as light breakfast, as a mid-workday treat, or as a snack to tide you over until dinner. 

We offer our loaves in Original or Chocolate Chip.

Contact us at for samples and additional wholesale information.


Get some Dank for your next Movie Night, give Dank as wedding party favors, surprise your Dankest friend on their birthday - you name it! Everyone loves Dank; email for event package rates. 


speaking services

Since Dank was created, we've been showing people that they can make their own way and take control over their path. We've inspired many people to start their own businesses or make major career and life changes. Dank Brooklyn has participated in Career Day at Brooklyn Urban Garden School, worked with the Wharton LEAD program, and been a part of several women's panels involving business ownership. Contact us at to inquire about speaking opportunities


special order

Got a dinner party coming up? A morning team meeting at the office? Need a gift for your clients around the holidays? 

Dank can fill personal and corporate custom catering and gift orders at a discount from retail. Contact us at for special order information.



Check out our online store for Dank hats, tees, and to get Dank Banana Bread shipped to your door!

We love Dank Banana Bread... your banana bread is literally the top selling pastry in NYC [Gimme! Coffee shops]!
— Gimme! Coffee Regional Manager

dank brooklyn

our community



The New York City chapter of the Adaptive Climbing Group is a close community partner with Dank. The ACG introduces mentally and physically disabled children, teens, and adults to rock climbing.

Dank provides banana bread and volunteer hours for their weekend climbing clinics and events, and we hosted a Fundraising Party in 2016 for their athletes traveling to the Paraclimbing World Championship in France! 

We fully support their message of "Anyone can climb!"


adventure film festival

Dank was a 2017 sponsor of the Adventure Film Festival in NYC. 

Adventure Film Festival benefits NYC by inspiring connections outdoors. We gain so much from our time outside and want to everyone to be able to experience the joy of discovering the outdoors.

People in our store go crazy for your banana bread!
— Manager, Madman Espresso

formula femme

Starting in 2018, Dank will be an official sponsor of Formula Femme, a women's track racing group in NYC. 

Formula Femme has made huge strides in expanding the women's track racing community and we are proud to support their efforts.


Bushwick community darkroom

Dank was a sponsor of the Bushwick Community Darkroom's holiday fundraiser in 2017 and supports their mission to make film photography affordable and accessible to everyone.


Partnership opportunites

Dank has worked with and sponsored many groups in and around NYC in addition to those above - GunksApps, Physique 57, the Breast Treatment Task Force, Project Girl, and more.

We will always do our best to support and enrich our community through charity work and support of our local cultural and athletic organizations.

Please contact us for sponsorship or donation requests.