Yo.... That shit is DANK!

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that Dank was the best banana bread they'd ever had... I'd be retired and chilling in an onsen in Japan right now.  At Dank we make one thing, and we make it right. Banana bread 4 life.

Dank is small batch, preservative-free, vegan and most importantly -
really damn good.
Dank partners with Arc'teryx Soho, NYC's Adaptive Climbing Group chapter, GunksApps,
women's climbing group Flash Foxy as well as NYC's climbing gyms.  
Dank has made charitable donations to Planned Parenthood, Adaptive Climbing Group, CRUX climbing, and the Breast Treatment Task Force 
Dank Banana Bread currently comes in two flavors:
Original and Chocolate Chip.
*Chocolate chip is my favorite*  I used to only offer Dank in chocolate chip, but I got requests for without. Chocolate Chip is the true OG, but calling the other option "plain" seemed lame. So.. yep. Chocolate Chip and Original.
Dank is produced at Brooklyn FoodWorks in Bed Stuy Brooklyn.